Specialty Gluten-free Grocery Store

Sue’s Gluten Free is a specialty gluten-free grocery store. We only stock gluten-free groceries.

We, Sue and Bill, own the specialty gluten-free grocery store in Dayboro, Queensland. We both are active advocates for gluten-free products and for that reason only stock groceries, and a full range we have.

We eat, bake and test all our products personally, ensuring that it meets our standards. We only sell products we believe will meet your expectations. We sample all new products to make sure they fit our expectations.

We are the one stop shop for your gluten-free groceries. We only sell products that meet our expectations.

Visit the only Specialty Gluten-free Grocery Store in Dayboro

We have a brick-and-mortar shop, that is located as part of the Dayboro Butter Factory, we are at the corner. You can find us at Shop 3, 38 Williams Street.

Feel free to come in for a chat, have a coffee next door and be surprised with the range and low priced Gluten-free Grocery products we have.

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New Products

Sue's Gluten Free a Specialty Gluten Free Grocery Store

We stock a wide range of the typical Christmas products (in our on and offline specialty gluten free grocery store), that normally would not be available to the gluten free community. This Christmas you as a member of the gluten free community can indulge yourself in the traditional Christmas food and delicatessen.

Currently in stock are the Gluten Free Christmas puddings, ready for pick up or shipping. Keep in mind ORDER NOW to avoid disappointment. The Christmas period is notorious for high volume of parcels.

Why a Specialty gluten-free grocery store?

I have gluten intolerance and as a passionate cook and baker. I always struggled to find quality gluten-free products. More frustrating was that once you found a good product, it seemed to disappear or the grocery shop would not stock it anymore.

There are a lot of products around, advertised as gluten-free products. I found that they are often tasteless or just very very dull. The “dullness” of these products sparked my desire to find quality products.

Products that are available all year round to all members of the Gluten Free community.

Bill and I, go through great lengths to source quality gluten-free products, this sometimes means we need to change suppliers, simply because they do not provide the quality anymore.

It does NOT end with selling Gluten Free.

Owning and running a specialty gluten free grocery store, does not end with selling Gluten Free products… absolutely not.

Bill has a commercial back ground in quality and lab testing, this has given him a unique insight in the “chain of custody” when it comes to food and freshness. We ensure that all products sold in our shop meet the highest health standards. Each product sourced must satisfy our standards, ensuring that the product is kept fresh during, packaging, transport and shelving.

Once it reaches our shop, you as a customer and consumer, can be assured that the products you buy in our shop or online are looked after.

Specialty Gluten Free Grocery Store, it is our passion.